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Welcome to Merri's Nutrition and Fitness!

About Merri:

Hi my name is Meredith but you can call me Merri! I am a qualified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, diet and nutrition coach from Melbourne, Australia and I have a passion for educating and teaching other women all over the world the correct, most effective, sustainable and realistic way to hit their health and fitness goals.


My goal is to inspire and educate all my clients on how to live their best lives whilst eating their favourite foods and choosing what exercise and training they want to perform, whether it's from the comfort of their own home or at their gym.


I work closely with all my clients to ensure they accomplish their goals whilst enjoying my coaching program. I want all my clients to really love and embrace their time at Merri's Nutrition & Fitness.  I love changing my clients lives forever!  This makes everything I do so worth while!

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