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Personalised Nutrition Coaching

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This coaching package is ideal for clients that are on top of their exercise and training but requires help just with their nutrition, calories, and macros only.

​Start Date: Please contact Merri


  • Minimum of 8 weeks commitment. After 8 weeks you will continue until you advise when you would like to cancel.

  • A $100 deposit is required on sign up which is fully refundable once you have completed the 8 week commitment.

  • Choose from two different nutrition coaching options (below). 

  • Payments can be made in full or weekly (choose your preferred method on sign up).




What does the nutrition coaching include?

Option 1.


  • Video check in's are completed fortnightly with Merri to review clients calories and macros.

  • Access to your coach, Merri to ask her anything related to your own nutrition.


  • Fitbody Coaching Information Guide

  • Full access to my App; Trainerize where you can input your own training programs and schedule them into your personal calendar.

  • You can choose to input your photos, body composition measurements and your weight into my App to track your progression.

  • If you have a My Fitness Pal account, you can sync it with the Trainerize App so all of your data in your MFP account will appear in my App.

 Personalised Nutrition

  • Each fortnight you will receive a 1 x one day sample meal plan, which acts as a guide to help you sort out your nutrition over the next 2 weeks. 

  • On your sample meal plan your calories and macros (that have been worked out specifically for you) will also be included. 

  • All meals listed on your sample meal plan contain recipes on how to prepare your dishes.



Option 2. (includes everything in option 1 plus everything below)

Fortnightly Check in's

  • Check in each fortnightly with me using the in-App “body stat” features. This is where you record your current weight, measurements and progress photos.

Online Education

For the first 7 weeks of your coaching, you will unlock and LEARN educational content on various health and fitness topics. I will be coaching you through all these topics so you gain a better understanding of YOUR nutrition, training and mindset.

  • Week 1 ~ Welcome to Merri's Nutrition & Fitness

Free Merri's Nutrition & Fitness Recipe E-Book, Average Weight Tracking Sheet, Training Video on How to Use The My Fitness Pal App plus more educational videos and podcasts.

  • Week 2 ~ Set your SMART goals and Practice Self-Love and Mindfulness

Document on how to set up your SMART Health & Fitness Goals, SMART Goals Worksheet, Weekly Goal Planner Worksheet, Document on Introduce Some Self-Love Into Your Life, Daily Love Worksheet plus podcasts.

  • Week 3 ~ Nutrition Basics

Document on Nutrition Basics 101, Educational Video on Nutrition Basics plus podcasts.


  • Week 4 ~ Food Label Reading and How To Identify Missing Carbs in Pre-Packaged Products

Educational Video on Understanding Manufacturer's Food Labels, Document on Understanding Manufacturer's Food Labels and a Document on How to Identify Hidden Carbs in Pre-Packaged Foods.

  • Week 5 ~ Training Basics

Document on Training Basics 101, Article on The Best Exercises to Lose Weight plus podcasts.

  • Week 6 How To Calculate Your Own Calories and Macronutrients 

Document on How to Work Out Your Own Calories and Macros for a Dieting Phase and a TDDE Online Calculator. 

  • Week 7 Additional Health & Fitness Educational Information 

Document on Eating Out and “Tips On How To Track Your Meals” PLUS Additional resources on various health and fitness topics. 


Option 1. Cost: $20AUD (per week) plus a $100 deposit on start up or $140AUD (payment upfront).

Minimum of 8 week commitment.

Option 2. Cost: $30AUD (per week) plus a $100 deposit on start up or $220AUD (payment upfront). 

Minimum of 8 week commitment.

Contact Merri today to organise your online nutrition coaching by clicking on the link below...

Please ensure that you click on the link below to read our full FitBody Terms and Conditions before signing up to this program.