Poached Eggs with Veggies

Poached Eggs with Veggies (Serves 1) Calories 276

P - 24g, C - 32g, F - 13g

Ingredients 2 eggs 2 slices wholegrain bread 100g cherry tomatoes, diced 30g baby spinach, cut in half 25g corn kernels oil olive spray salt and pepper

Method 1. Prepare your poached eggs as per the instructions on the poached eggs microwave container. 2. Heat a fry pan up over a medium heat and spray with a little olive oil spray. 3. Place corn and tomatoes in pan and stir fry for a couple of minutes 4. Toast your bread 5. Just as your bread is done, turn off the heat on the fry pan and place the spinach in pan until it wilts. 6. Place toast on plate, veggies and top with your eggs. 7. #perfect

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