Sweet Cottage Cheese & Strawberry Omelette

Sweet Cottage Cheese & Strawberry Omelette (Serves 1) Calories 316

P - 22g, C - 18g, F - 16g

Ingredients Omelette: 2 full eggs 2 egg whites cinnamon to taste 1 tsp organic vanilla essence 1 tsp coconut oil (for pan) Filling: 25g low fat cottage cheese mixed with 5mls of sugar free maple syrup 1 cup sliced strawberries Top: 10mls sugar free maple syrup drizzled over the top

Method 1. Beat eggs, cinnamon and vanilla essence together and poor into a medium heated pan and melt coconut oil in it. 2. Once nearly cooked, place down one side of the omelette sliced strawberries and the cottage cheese/maple syrup mix 3. Flip half of the omelette over and serve. 4. I have served my omelette with a glass of coconut greens that I have every morning.

5. Enjoy your day!

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