Turkey Bolognese with Hi Protein Pasta

Turkey Bolognese with Hi Protein Pasta (Serves 1) Calories 470 P - 42g, C - 50g, F 9g

Ingredients 100g lean turkey mince 3g fresh garlic, crushed 200g Italian diced tomatoes 20g zucchini, diced 20g carrots, diced 10g red onion, diced 5g pink Himalayan herb & garlic seasoning from www.physiquechef.com 2tsp fresh parsley, diced 2g Himalayan pink rock salt with chilli Black pepper 10g light tasty cheese Olive oil spray 70g Vetta smart high protein low carb pasta

Method 1. Prepare the pasta as per the packet instructions 2. Heat a fry pan over a medium heat and spray with olive oil. 3. Place garlic and onion in the pan and sauté for a couple of minutes. 4. Add in turkey mince, zucchini, carrots, herbs, salt and pepper. 5. Sauté together until cooked; add in diced tomatoes and stir until heated through. 6. Reduce heat and simmer for a couple of minutes. 7. Drain pasta and place in a bowl, top with sauce, diced parsley and grated cheese. 8. Enjoy!

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