Healthy Beef Mountain Bread Nachos

Healthy Beef Mountain Bread Nachos (Serves 1) Calories 411

P - 42g, C - 31g, F - 14g

Ingredients 150g lean beef mince 3g salt reduced taco seasoning 10g red onion, diced 50g iceberg lettuce, shredded

40g carrot, grated

50g Lebanese cucumber, diced

20g avocado, mashed

15g Light Mozzarella cheese

15g Mild Salsa

1 Mountain Bread Wrap (25g)

Fresh lime juice

Virgin Olive Oil Spray Fresh lime juice Salt and pepper

Method 1. To make the mountain bread nacho chips, preheat a fan forced oven on 180 degrees and cut up the mountain bread into small nacho chips.

2. Spray the chips lightly with the oil and season with salt and pepper.

3.Place into the oven for 3-4 minutes until they are just turning brown. Once cooked remove from the oven and place into a serving bowl. 4. Preheat a fry pan over medium heat with a spray of the oil and add the mince meat, red onion and the taco seasoning to the pan. 5. Cook until mince meat is brown then turn the heat off and set aside. 6. Shred the lettuce and place into a serving bowl with the cucumber, carrot and avocado. 7. Place the cooked mince on top of the chips followed by the grated cheese and salsa.

8. Serve with a squeeze of lime over the top.

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