Bountylicious Smoothie

Bountylicious Smoothie (Serves 1) Calories 300

P - 21g, C - 29g, F - 11g

Ingredients 250mls coconut water 70g Banana, frozen 20g chocolate protein powder (I used @happywayau ) who are having a sale on Monday! Check their website for details... 2 tsp sugar free got chocolate powder 15g natural peanut butter 5g coconut flakes Sprinkle of chocolate and cinnamon scroll dust (from @physiquechef ) Heaps of ice

Method 1. Combine coconut water, protein powder, banana, chocolate powder, peanut butter and 1/2 the coconut flakes in a blender with heaps of ice. 2. Pulse until it is all blended together. 3. Pour into a smoothie cup and top with the rest of the coconut flakes and the scroll dust.

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