Chicken & Feta Salad

Chicken & Feta Salad (Serves 1) Calories 342

P - 47.1g, C - 15.6g,F - 8.4g

Ingredients 150g shredded chicken, pre cooked 20g iceberg lettuce, shredded 30g carrots, grated 20g red capsicum, diced 50g fresh beetroot, diced 25g corn kernels 1 tsp sweet paprika Salt and pepper 10mls @niulife Coconut balsamic vinegar Optional 25g low fat feta, crumbled on top

Method 1. Dice and cut up all the veggies and place in a serving bowl. 2. In a in separate bowl place chicken, paprika, salt and pepper and stir until covered. 3. Place chicken on top of salad. 4. Place feta on top of chicken if you are having it. 5. Drizzle @niulife Balsamic vinegar over the top of salad.

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