Chocolate Protein Bircher Muesli

Chocolate Protein Bircher Muesli (Serves 1) Calories 350

P - 29g, C - 45g, F - 5g

Ingredients 40g rolled oats - I used @themueslisugarfree rolled oats 20ml coconut water 160g Yopro strawberry flavoured yoghurt 10g chocolate protein powder (I used @happywayau ) 100g strawberries 50g blueberries 10g pomegranate’s

Method 1. Prepare this part of the dish the night before.. 2. Dice 1/2 of the strawberries into small pieces. 3. Place oats, yoghurt, coconut water, protein powder and the strawberries that have been diced into a mason jar. Stir all the ingredients together to combine. Seal and place in the fridge. 4. In the morning, stir up the muesli and place in serving bowl. 5. Top with remaining strawberries, followed by blueberries and pomegranate’s.

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