Healthy Green Chicken Curry

Healthy Green Chicken Curry (Serves 1) Calories 374

P - 53g, C - 16g, F - 8g

Ingredients 150g chicken breast, diced 4g Thai green curry paste 1 tsp garlic mince 50g broccoli, diced 50g zucchini, diced 50g green capsicum, diced 30g spinach 50g green beans, top and tailed and sliced 125g @slendier slim rice Coconut oil spray 50mls almond & coconut milk 40g plain greek low fat yoghurt Serve with: 5g crushed peanuts Fresh lime juice

Method 1. Prepare all veggies as outline above. 2. Prepare Slendier rice as per the packet directions. 3. Pre-heat a fry pan over medium heat with coconut oil spray. 4. Place crushed garlic and chicken in the pan and continue to cook until nearly done. 5. Mix the milk, curry paste with the yoghurt until all mixed together. 6. Place all veggies into pan (except the spinach) and tip the milk mixture over the curry. 7. Stir to combine and leave to simmer for about 10 minutes. 8. Add the rice and spinach and stir for a minute and turn off heat. 9. Serve the curry into the bowl, top with crushed nuts and a squeeze of lime juice. 10. Enjoy your healthy Thai dinner!

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