Mixed Berries Protein Chia Pudding

Mixed Berries Protein Chia Pudding (Serves 1) Calories 370

P- 27g, C - 33.6g, F - 15.8g

Ingredients 2 tbsp black chia seeds 20g protein powder (I used @skinnyminiprotein Vanilla ice cream) 80mls Almond milk 5g cinnamon 20g plain no fat greek yoghurt (I used @chobaniau ) Serve with 1/2 cup mixed berries 20g coconut yoghurt

Method 1. The night before combine chia seeds, protein powder, almond milk, cinnamon and greek yoghurt in a jar and place the lid on and pop in the fridge overnight. 2. In the morning stir up the pudding. 3. Place the mixed berries in a microwave container and pop in the microwave for about 30 secs until soft and runny. 4. Layer the pudding with the 1/2 the berries at the bottom followed by the chia pudding and finish with remaining berries on top and the coconut yoghurt.

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