Mixed Berry Cheesecake Pots

Mixed Berry Cheesecake Pots (Serves 4) Calories 204

P - 6g,C - 16, F - 14g

Ingredients 1 x 7g sachet lite jelly - raspberry flavour 125g reduced fat cream cheese 250g reduced fat coconut yoghurt 1 tsp vanilla essence 100g strawberries 50g blackberries 50g blueberries 80g raspberries Top with: 30g reduced fat coconut yoghurt 30g reduced fat cream cheese 5g sugar free chocolate drinking powder 15g Streets Golden Gaytime crumbs 4 x mint leaves

Method 1. **Do this step the day before.. Prepare jelly as per packet instructions and evenly distribute amongst 4 dessert glasses. Pop into the fridge until set. 2. Place the cream cheese, yoghurt and vanilla essence in a food processor or blender. Blitz until the consistency is nice and smooth. Spoon the cream cheese evenly over the jelly layer. 3. Cut strawberries into 1/4’s and place on top around the outside of cream cheese layer leaving the centre free. 4. Place blueberries, blackberries and raspberries in a microwave safe dish and cover with a vented lid. Place in microwave for about 40 secs until soft and then finish by mashing them up. Let berries cool down. 5. Once cool, place the mashed berries in the centre of the cream cheese layer. 6. In a separate dish combine the coconut yoghurt, cream cheese and sugar free chocolate drinking chocolate until nice and smooth. 7. Place on top of berry layer and scatter Golden Gaytime crumbs over the top. 8. Garnish with a mint leave and serve.

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