San Chow Bow Salad Bowl

San Chow Bow Salad Bowl (Serves 1) Calories 400

P - 34g, C - 25g, F - 15g

Ingredients 50g iceberg lettuce, shredded 130g turkey mince 15g red onion, diced 5mls tamari sauce 5mls coconut amino sauce 1/2 tsp minced garlic 50g brown and quinoa rice, steamed 30g avocado, mashed 15g plain greek yoghurt Coconut oil spray Fresh parsley, diced Wedge of lime Dressing: 1tsp Dijon mustard 2mls sesame seed oil 1tsp tamari sauce 1 tbsp water

Method 1. Pre-cook rice as per package instructions. 2. Heat a fry pan over medium heat with coconut oil and place onion and garlic in pan. Sauté for a couple of minutes. 3. Add turkey mince and cook until nearly done. Add tamari and coconut amino sauces, stir until completely cooked through. Turn off pan and pop aside. 4. In a serving bowl place lettuce, cooked turkey and rice. 5. Mash avocado in a separate bowl with a fork. 6. To make the dressing combine sesame seed oil, tamari sauce, mustard and water and stir until all mixed together. 7. Drizzle dressing over the lettuce, rice and turkey. 8. Place mashed avocado and yoghurt on top. 9. Scatter some fresh diced parsley over the top and serve with a wedge of lime.

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