Superfood Layered Overnight Oats

Superfood Layered Overnight Oats (Serves 1) Calories 446

P - 31g, C - 55g, F - 8g Ingredients 50g organic rolled oats 1 tsp chia seeds 15g vanilla protein powder (I used @happywayau protein powder) 125mls organic almond milk 120g plain no fat greek yoghurt 50g sliced strawberries 20g blueberries 5mls maple syrup, sugar free 1/2 tsp @cleanandgreenwholefoods beauty berries powder 1/2 tsp @coconutgreens powder

Method 1. The night before place the oats, chia seeds, milk and protein powder in a jar and seal and place in the fridge. 2. The next morning halve the overnight oats ingredients and place into 2 small bowls. 3. In 1 bowl stir in beauty berries powder (you can use beetroot powder as well) with 1 tbsp Greek yoghurt. 4. In the other bowl stir in coconut green powder with 1 tbsp Greek yoghurt. 5. In a jar place the berry overnight oats layer followed by the coconut greens layer. 6. Place sliced strawberries on top of the oats. 7. In another small bowl mix the maple syrup into the remaining Greek yoghurt and place this on top of strawberries. 8. Top with blueberries and garnish with a strawberry. #enjoy all the amazing flavours in this dish!

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