Turkey Lettuce Cups

Turkey Lettuce Cups (Serves 1) Calories 361

P - 32g, C - 43g, F - 9g

Ingredients 120g lean turkey mince 3 big lettuce cups 10g taco seasoning (I used @physiquechef ) 50g carrot, grated 20g red capsicum, diced 20g red onion, diced 50g brown rice Coconut oil spray Top with 50g chunky salsa 50g low fat creamed cottage cheese

Method 1. Pre-cook rice as per package instructions. 2. Heat a fry pan over a medium heat and spray with coconut oil. Place onion and turkey in pan and stir fry until mince is nearly cooked through. 3. Add carrot, capsicum, pre-cooked rice and taco seasoning and stir until completely coated in the seasoning. 4. Place 3 lettuce cups on a serving plate. 5. Divide the mince into 3 lettuce cups and top with salsa and cottage cheese! 6. Lunch or dinner is done in a flash!

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