Chicken and Spinach Omelette

Chicken and Spinach Omelette (Serves 1) C- 19g, F- 38g, P 44g

Ingredients 1 free range egg 2 egg whites from the carton Fresh parsley, chopped 25g low fat feta diced 1tsp coconut oil 80g roast chicken Fresh spinach Serve with Seeded pumpkin sourdough 30g avocado, mashed Salt, pepper and garlic powder to season Method 1. In a bowl whisk eggs together, add parsley, salt, pepper, garlic powder and feta 2. Heat a pan on medium heat with coconut oil and pour in egg mixture. 3. Tilt pan until egg mixture has formed an even circle 4. On one side place chicken and spinach and flip up half of the omelette to be on top of the chicken and spinach 5. Toast your bread and place avocado on top.

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