Egg White Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

Egg White Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl (Serves 1) Calories: 278

P - 39g, C - 19g, F - 6g

Ingredients 60g Egg whites (liquid from the carton) 100g plain greek yoghurt, no fat 60g mixed berries, frozen 30g vanilla protein powder (I used @skinnyminiprotein ) Ice cubes Serve with: 40g fresh mixed berries 10g low fat smooth ricotta 10g raw peanut butter coconut flakes

Method 1. In a seperate bowl beat the egg whites until stiff and put aside. 2. In a blender combine yoghurt, protein powder, mixed berries and ice cubes until nice and smooth. 3. Gently fold the egg whites into the yoghurt mixture and mix until all combined. 4. Pour into a serving bowl and place mixed berries, ricotta and coconut flakes on top.

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