Merri's Green Savoury Omelette

Merri's Green Savoury Omelette (Serves 1) Calories 213

P - 22g, C - 7g, F - 10g Ingredients 8 tbsp liquid egg whites 1 organic egg 20g red onion, diced 15g spinach 25g red capsicum, diced 25g green capsicum, diced 1/2 scoop of @coconutgreens powder 1 tbsp fresh parsley, diced Salt and pepper 1tbsp coconut oil

Method 1. Cut and dice all the veggies as required and pop (except the spinach) into a fry pan over a medium heat and sauté until cooked through. 2. Remove from fry pan and place on a plate. Keep fry pan on low.. 3. Combine and beat egg whites, parsley, salt/pepper, coconut greens powder and egg in a pouring cup and pour evenly into fry pan. 4. Swirl egg mixture over the bottom of the pan until evenly dispersed and cook. 5. When the omelette is nearly cooked through pop the veggies down one side of the omelette and scatter the spinach over the top. 6. Fold the omelette in half and continue cooking. 7. Serve and plate and #enjoy

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