Apple Pie Porridge

Apple Pie Porridge (Serves 1) Calories 400

P - 31g, C - 37g, F - 32g

Ingredients 40g instant rolled oats 120g apple, diced 25g vanilla Protein Powder (I used @maxinesburn ~ vanilla ice cream flavour) 10g raw peanut butter 1/2 tsp cinnamon 40g plain no fat greek yoghurt

Method 1. Dice your apple up and place in a pot with boiling water, add cinnamon and stew until nice and soft. (** I do this the night before) 2. The next morning, prepare your oats hot as per the directions on the package. 3. Stir in your protein powder and stewed apple.. note: if your oats don't have enough liquid just add in a bit more. 4. Once combined, place the yoghurt and peanut butter on top. 5. #todiefor

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