Hazelnut Protein Overnight Oats

Hazelnut Protein Overnight Oats (Serves 1)


30g rolled Oats

15g protein powder

50g Greek yoghurt

50mls almond milk

100g mixed berries

10g shredded coconut

20g hazelnut spread

Method 1. The night before combine oats, protein powder (@happywayau ~ salted caramel), 1/2 the yoghurt and milk in a glass, seal with a lid and pop into the fridge. 2. In the morning, place half of the berries into microwave container and cover with a vented lid. Place in microwave for 40 secs until berries are runny. 2. Pour into the bottom of the glass. 3. Next layer, take oats out of fridge, mix up and place them on top of the berries. 4. Next layer, place the shredded coconut on top of oats. 5. Next layer, the remainder of the berries, place on top of shredded coconut. 6. For the final layer, place the remaining yoghurt and the hazelnut spread on top. 7. Serve!

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