Make Your Own Pulled Mexican Chicken Burritos

Make Your Own Pulled Mexican Chicken Burritos (Serves 1) Calories 450

P - 32g, P - 45g, P - 15g Ingredients 120g raw chicken breast 5g salted reduced taco seasoning Salsa: 30g corn kernels 50g cherry tomatoes, diced 50g cucumber, diced 5g coriander paste 10g red onion, diced Sides: 20g beetroot, sliced 50g cabbage, shredded 50g carrot, grated 25g red capsicum, sliced 40g avocado, mashed 30g low fat sour cream 2 x small corn tortillas Fresh lime Method 1. Place water into a saucepan and put it on a medium heat and bring to the boil. 2. Place the chicken in the boiling water and poach it until it is cooked all the way through. 3. Once it is poached drain the water and break it up using 2 forks. Once it is shredded stir in the taco seasoning. 4. Prepare the sides as outlined above in the ingredients section. 5. Heat the tortillas as per the packet directions. 6. Place all the ingredients, except the tortillas on a serving plate. 7. Place the tortillas on another plate and now make and create your own burritos!!

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