Maple Pumpkin with Halloumi and Chicken

Maple Pumpkin with Halloumi and Chicken (Serves 1) Calories 450

P - 30.6g, C - 25.4g, F - 27g Ingredients 150g butternut pumpkin, diced 10mls maple Syrup, sugar free 100g chicken mince 30g lettuce, shredded 25g cucumber, diced 50g cherry tomatoes, diced 25g halloumi, diced 30g avocado, sliced 2 tbsp walnuts crushed Coconut vinegar balsamic from @niulife 2 tsp Lemon pepper seasoning 1 tsp Garlic powder Coconut oil spray

Method 1. Turn on oven at 200 degrees . 2. Dice the pumpkin and squirt maple syrup over it and stir to combine. Place on an oven tray and pop into oven for 20mins. 3. While the pumpkin is cooking shred the lettuce, dice the cucumber and tomatoes. Place in a serving dish. 4. Heat a fry pan over a medium heat with coconut spray oil and place the halloumi and chicken mince in it. 5. Sprinkle halloumi and chicken mince with lemon pepper seasoning and garlic powder and cook through. 6. Place on top of the salad, with the roasted pumpkin, avocado and walnuts. 7. Finish with @niulife Coconut Balsamic vinegar - this dressing is #unrefined #allnatural#fairtrade #certifiedorganic #nopreservatives #glutenfree #veganfriendly

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