Raspberry, Chia and Coconut Yoghurt

Raspberry, Chia and Coconut Yoghurt (Serves 1) Ingredients 2 tbsp fresh or frozen raspberries 3 tsp shredded coconut 3 tbsp reduced-fat plain greek yoghurt 1 tsp maple syrup 1 tsp chia seeds Serve: A couple of raspberries on top Sprinkle of coconut flakes Method 1. Make sure raspberries have been defrosted (if frozen) and mash them with a back of a fork in a small bowl. 2. Add the yoghurt, coconut, maple syrup and chia seeds and stir to combine altogether. 3. Place a few raspberries on top, sprinkle with coconut flakes. 4. Boil the kettle and have with a nice cuppa with the yoghurt! :-) 5. Enjoy!

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