Strawberry & Dark Chocolate Parfait

Strawberry & Dark Chocolate Parfait (Serves 1) Calories 252

P - 17.1g, C - 17.1g, F - 12.6g

Ingredients 100g plain Greek no fat yoghurt 1/2 cup mixed berries, cut up small 20g low fat ricotta 1 square 75% dark chocolate, cut up 1 tsp of crushed nuts peanuts

Method 1. Layer the sliced berries with the yoghurt until finished. 2. Dollop the ricotta, chocolate and crushed berries on top. 3. I serve this dessert with a yummy tea I love from @t2tea which is called gorgeous geisha! It has green tea infused with a lovely smooth strawberries and cream flavour..

4. Enjoy!!

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