Double Choc Smoothie Bowl

Double Choc Smoothie Bowl (serves 1) Calories 359 P - 27g, C - 45g, F - 15g

Ingredients 120g banana, frozen 5g chia seeds 40g avocado 25g chocolate protein powder 5g salted caramel peanut butter powder (from 100mls coconut milk 5g cacao powder Ice (as much as you like to thicken it up) Top with: 2g granola 2g cacao nibs

Method 1. Blend banana, chia seeds, avocado, protein powder, peanut butter powder, coconut milk, cacao powder and ice into a blender. 2. Blitz until nice and smooth - you might need to take it off the blender and shake it up a couple of times as it is nice and thick. 3. Pour into a serving bowl and top with granola and cacao nibs.

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