Toasted Ham and Veggie Sandwich

Toasted Ham and Veggie Sandwich (serves 1)

Calories 358

P - 45g, C - 38g, F - 12g


2 slices wholemeal sourdough bread

15g tomato paste

2.5g garlic mince

15g shredded light tasty cheese

5g red onion, diced

25g red capsicum, diced

25g green capsicum, diced

80g champagne lightly smoked ham, shredded

10g baby rocket

salt and pepper


1. Combine the tomato paste, garlic mince, shredded cheese and red onion in a small bowl and then spread evenly over both sides of the bread.

2. Turn on your sandwich press and place one slice of bread onto the sandwich press and top with ham, red/green capsicum and baby rocket.

3. Place into the sandwich press and toast until cooked through.

4. Cut in half and serve.

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