Mini Creamy Pesto Chicken Pizzas

Mini Creamy Pesto Chicken Pizza’s (Serves 1) Calories 347 P - 24g, C - 37g, F - 10g

Ingredients: 3 halves Tip Top wholemeal sandwich thins

30g salt reduced tomato paste

30g spinach

25g light shredded mozzarella cheese

10g red onion, diced

25g red capsicum, diced

40g thinly sliced chicken breast (Primo)

30g sweet spiced gherkins (no added sugar)

10g basil pesto (store brought) Fresh basil, diced

15mls dijonnaise mayonnaise - 97% fat free


1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and place baking paper on an oven tray.

2. Place 3 halves of the sandwich thins onto the baking tray and spread on the tomato paste.

3. Top with the baby spinach, half of the grated cheese, diced onion, red capsicum, chicken and gherkins.

4. Dollop the pesto over the top and sprinkle the with remaining cheese

5. Garnish with with the basil.

5. Place into the oven for about 10 mins. Keep an eye on them. Once the cheese is melted remove from the oven.

6. Drizzle the mayonnaise over the top.

7. Serve.

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