Banana Pizza with Maple Yoghurt Ricotta and Mixed Berries

Sweet Omelette with mixed berries & ricotta (Serves 1)

Calories 412

P - 28g, C - 40g, F - 15g


Pizza base:

70g banana

2 eggs (free range)

15g rolled oats

2.5mls vanilla essence

5g black chia seeds

Virgin olive oil spray

Maple/yoghurt topping:

40g light smooth ricotta

100g no fat greek yoghurt

5ml sugar free maple syrup

Top with:

50g strawberries

30g raspberries

5g chocolate cluster buckinis


1. Place the banana, free range eggs, rolled oats, vanilla essence and chia seeds into a blender and blitz until nice and smooth.

2. Pre-heat a fry pan over a medium heat and pour the entire mixture into the fry pan (the size of an omelette).

3. Cook on one side and then be careful flipping it onto the other side.

4. While the omelette is cooking; combine the ricotta, yoghurt and maple syrup in a small bowl.

5. When the omelette is cooked, place it onto a plate and top with the maple ricotta & yoghurt.

6. Place strawberries, raspberries and buckinis over the top.

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