How your Macros are prescribed at Merri's Nutrition and Fitness

Flexible Dieting?

All of the meal plans here at Merri's Nutrition and Fitness follow a flexible diet strategy. What is flexible dieting I hear you ask? That is a great question!

Flexible Dieting or known as ‘if it fits your macros” or “IIFYM” is a platform that uses calculated data to give your body exactly what it needs to obtain your specific body composition goals; such as to lose or increase body fat and/or lean muscle.

This is achieved by tailoring the three macronutrients; Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats to your specific fitness and lifestyle goals.

The basis of the IIFYM strategy allows you to stick to your personalised caloric intake per day which is broken down throughout the 3 macronutrients (protein/carbs and fats), rather than focusing on just the counting of calories only.

So basically IIFYM strategy allows you to eat whatever foods you enjoy from all food groups as long as you achieve your allocated proteins, carbs and fats.

But in saying that all FitBody client's are guided to eat 80% wholefood and 20% fun foods while on a FitBody meal plan.

The IIFYM strategy is very effective if used correctly. For example, if your goal is to lose body fat then your are prescribed your calories and macro split for your meal plan and then we set you in a calorie deficit so you will achieve your desired goals. Similarly for muscle or weight gain, you will receive a meal plan that sets your targets to be in a caloric surplus so this too can be achieved too.

Education during your FitBody Program

Here at the FitBody we teach you how to track your calories and macronutrients so you can learn more about nutrition intake, food choices and long term you will be able to do this for yourself to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. IIFM is not a diet it is a permanent lifestyle change.

Tracking your calories and macronutrients IS NOT permanent but whilst you learn all about the IIFYM strategy and trying to achieve your body composition goals, we encourage you to do so.

Your long term goal (once you have achieved your desired body composition goals) is to transition back to intuitive eating so you can maintain your healthy body weight while using all the tools and tricks we have taught you here at the FitBody Program.


A very important thing to remember when working with macros is that they don't actually determine the rate of how much fat you are going to lose. What they do do is... they play an important part on how you actually feel when on a diet.

When you are given the correct macro breakdown's (from your qualified FitBody coach) this can actually increase your performance (for example at the gym during an intense workout) and maximise your energy levels. This will assist in increasing metabolism levels and keeping you on track to hit your health and fitness goals and targets both short and long term.

A poor or not a personalised prescribed macro breakdown can lead to low motivation and energy levels. Which will indirectly affect rate of fat loss (due to energy expenditure being comprised).

Everyone of our FitBody clients have different macros; due to a number of factors that we take into consideration when prescribing their meal plans.

How are Macronutrients prescribed?

First we look at their health and fitness goals. What is it they want to achieve while working with us?

what is their body shapeNext, ? This is determined by photo's that are supplied to us by our clients. Every body shape requires different calories and macros. So this plays an integral part in our prescription of the right macros.

Next, what is their current weight and height? This also assist us in prescribing the best possible marcos and calories for our clients.

Once all this is taking into consideration our clients receive their very own personalised marcos and calories. This is always reviewed every week on their check in days to make sure clients are hitting their targets and if they aren't, then the beauty about macros and calories is that we can change them to get them BACK ON TRACK!

If you would like to become a client here at The FitBody Program then contact US today to secure your place and you will receive an in depth questionnaire to help us prescribe the best macronutrients and calories that best suit YOU!!