How to Make Losing Body Fat Easy!

Today I wanted to talk about how to make losing body fat easy! A lot of people over complicated it but it isn't hard if you do the following:

1. Find your baseline and then put yourself in a calorie deficit.. if you have a lot of body fat to lose you could even go into a 30% deficit to begin with!!

2. Track your intake via a fitness App.. DO NOT ESTIMATE, DO NOT GUESSTIMATE. Tracking is the key for accountability!

3. Track your intake.. Eat all food groups... Remember calories are king.. You must hit these everyday, followed by your protein goal.. Eat the food you love! Even go and eat out at your favourite restaurant/cafe, just make sure you track this.Tell your story. Use catchy text, bullets, links and more to bring your words to life.

4. There is no research that eating at certain times or intermittent fasting makes you lose weight quicker, better, more efficient etc. etc.. Just make sure you are in a calorie deficit and eat when you are hungry!

5. Find a coach that is qualified or do some research to educate yourself more in how you can succeed in getting the results you want! Education is the key!!!

6. Don’t give up! Losing weight is NOT a quick fix! It is a lot harder to lose weight than to put on weight! It can take months, years.. but it is worth it!!

Have a great day


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