Merri's 4 Week Mini Cut

Over the past 4 weeks I was doing a mini cut to shed some body fat and to reset my metabolism so I can reverse diet up to a higher maintenance level than I was previously on. Basically I get to eat more without putting on body fat whilst building some lean muscle.

BUT FIRSTLY I just wanted to talk about why you should do this!

1. It suits a person who has been in a calorie surplus or has been on maintenance level calories for a while and wants to shred some body fat whilst maintaining muscle. . 2. A mini cut is an aggressive calorie deficit that lasts between 1-6 weeks ONLY. 3. Training should still be to still get strong and for continued muscle growth (no cardio).. just a step goal each day of 13-15,000 steps. . 4. You should be in a really good headspace as the calorie drop is quiet aggressive (500+) so you need to be ready. 5. It is also a great tool to reset the metabolism. Most of the time when you finish a mini cut you can usually reverse diet up to a higher calorie maintenance level than before. I love this point! 6. Great to do if you have a special event you want to look good for. .

It is very important to note - that this doesn’t suite someone who has been in a major calorie deficit already. To do a mini cut you need (as mentioned above) to be in a calorie surplus or tracking at your maintenance calories. So this mini cut isn’t for everyone. Make sure you have a coach to monitor & track you while you are doing this too!

So whatever your goals are, whether it is a reverse diet, refeed day/s, diet break, mini cut, to lose body fat, build muscle etc. We can help you at Merri’s Nutrition and Fitness. I get the results you want while eating all yummy foods (no food restrictions). Contact me here today for more information... So here are my results from my 4 week mini cut Calories went down to 1700 (from 2300) Start weight: 56.8kgs Finish weight: 55.2kgs ⬇1.6kgs Waist: ⬇2.5cm Right leg: ⬇4cm Booty: ⬆1cm

I am pretty happy with these results! I have just finished doing 2 days of a refeed day and now I am bringing up my calories slowly over the next 3-4 weeks to maintenance level then into a surplus! It is time to build some serious muscle!

Ask yourself what are your goals and how are going to achieve them? Set yourself your goals and stick to them..

Have a great day!


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