What To Do Once You Have Achieved Your Goals...

Today I wanted to talk to you about how to maintain your goals once you have achieved them!

This topic seems to be forgotten quiet a bit but is super important to be addressed. So let's discuss.

So you have achieved your fitness goal (whether that is fat loss or have built lean muscle).

You have been sitting in a calorie deficit or surplus for a long period of time.. but now how do you maintain what you have achieved? I get asked this question so often…

A lot of people freak about this because they have worked so hard to get where they are now and don’t want to lose what they have achieved.

Firstly you need to establish what your new goal is, you can’t be living a life with foods restrictions and food guilt’s or constantly tracking food.

Being in a calorie deficit and surplus definitely have their place and they can help to achieve your goals.. But once you are there you don’t permanently want to stay there. Staying in a deficit or surplus puts extra stress on our body and doing this for a long period of time isn’t a great thing.

So what do you do about this situation?

You need to find what lifestyle works for you to maintain what you have achieved. Do this in an achievable way that you still can enjoy yourself whilst still training (but not training excessively like you were before). You have done all the hard work previously now it is time to enjoy everything! That is the best reward from working so hard!

For me when I am not comp prepping, I am usually really good during the week with my eating and training. I have taught myself over the years what are good controlled portion sizes and how many macros and calories I generally require to maintain by body composition..

Then on the weekends I am flexible but still in control of what I am eating (no excessively over eating). This seems to work for me when I NOT TRACKING AND JUST MAINTAINING.. But this doesn’t work for everyone..

There are so many different options but first you need to work out what you want to do FOR YOU. How are you going to live this new lifestyle in a balanced way.. Then make it work for you…

There are no rules or really any guidelines as everyone is different. Experiment with different options and ideas and you will soon find what works for you.

But the main outcome is that you want to feel relaxed and happy about your decision and never apprehensive or unsure. Then everything else just falls into place..

If you need help in working out how you are going to maintain the new you.. Contact me today and we can work together to send you off in the right direction.. to SUCCESS!!!!

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