Mexican Beef & Veggie Rice with Grilled Haloumi

Mexican Beef & Veggie Rice with Grilled Haloumi (serves 1)

Calories 408

P - 36g, C - 35g, F - 13g


120g lean beef mince

5g taco seasoning (salt reduced)

20g red onion, diced

2.5g minced garlic

100g butternut pumpkin, diced

110g carrots, pea & corn frozen mix

50g wholegrain rice (I used Tilda's wholegrain brown basmati rice)

20g haloumi cheese, sliced

40g iceberg lettuce, roughly chopped up


1. Cook the rice as per the packet instructions.

2. Preheat a non-stick fry pan up over a medium heat and place the beef mince, onion and taco seasoning into the pan.

3. Saute for about 5 minutes and then add in the butternut pumpkin, carrot, peas and corn. Continue cooking until the vegetables are soft.

4. Add the cooked rice into the pan and stir through the ingredients.

5. Move the ingredients over to one side of the pan and place the haloumi cheese into the pan. Fry the cheese on one side for about 1 minute and then flip and cook the cheese on the other side. Remove from the pan.

6. To serve, place the lettuce at the bottom of a serving bowl and place the mince meat mixture on top, followed by the haloumi cheese.

7. Enjoy!

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