Marli's Transformation

Meet new Mum Marli!

She has recently just finished 8 weeks of online nutrition and training coaching with me!

With a new baby and a toddler at her side all the time she definitely did have her challenges over the last 8 weeks! Not getting to the gym was the biggest hurdle but she did what she could do and that is what matters!

She focused on eating well and trained when she could.

Being her coach, that is all I can ask for.. Just do your best and don't give up!

And the results are IN and THEY ARE GOOD!!!

Marli lost 4kgs and WAIT FOR IT.... 38.5cm of body fat from her entire body...

This goes to show to definitely not focus on those scales and look at the big picture including body measurements and progress photos.

These are so much better!!!


Here is the feedback that Marli recently placed onto my Facebook

recommends page...

"I just finished 8 weeks with Merri! Amazing! She goes above and beyond for you! Always checking in to see how your are going. The food is delicious and catered to you. I have learnt so much from Merri and are looking forward to continuing using the knowledge she has given me on my journey."

I am so damn proud of Marli!

What a result!!

I am so glad that I could help her start her journey to living a healthy and happy life!!! What a privilege!!!!

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