How Coconut Greens Started!

Today we welcome Jo from Coconut Greens as a guest writer to my newsletter. She is going to tell you all about her wonderful product called Coconut Greens that my clients and I love to use!

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A supergreens you’ll ACTUALLY look forward to having each day!

Myself & my husband Geoff developed Coconut Greens because eating healthy should be easy and taste delicious too.

Coconut Greens came to life whilst Geoff was training for his second Ironman triathlon.

Geoff was training three times a day swimming in the morning, going for a run and a bike ride while working full time and juggling a family. He found himself hospitalised with exhaustion and with a chronic ear infection.

So I started making wholefood smoothies from scratch that contained coconut water, kale, broccoli and spinach They tasted lumpy and bitter plus they were really expensive and time consuming to make and often ingredients would spoil in the fridge.

While Geoff was training really hard for the grueling event he was fussy when it came to eating veggies and smoothies and he was definitely not getting enough vegetables to aid recovery and prevent illness during the Melbourne winters.

So I looked at what was out there in the market in powdered form and ended up filling our pantry full of too many expensive products that all tasted bitter.

With Geoff's background being in oncology pharmaceuticals and mine being microbiology we put our heads together and came up with a quick and easy delicious tasting green smoothie formulation and Coconut Greens became a reality.

Coconut greens is the 1st to combine coconut water powder with nine organic super greens. The label looks more like a farmers market shopping list than a supplement fact sheet.

Coconut greens is Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and fodmap friendly.

Just one scoop of coconut greens is the equivalent of eating 8 to 10 serves of vegetables.

The coconut water powder helps to replace electrolytes and potassium while you are working out so you stay hydrated.

Spirulina and chlorella are simple and ancient microalgae’s help to detox and oxygenates your blood flow, they are a vegetable protein and are easy to digest.

The apple aids digestion and gives some natural sweetness as well as being good for gut health.

Then you have all your iron shots your wheat grass, barley grass and alfalfa to boost energy levels.

Lastly you have all your B group vitamins your broccoli, spinach and kale.

With his nutrition nailed Geoff went onto compete in not only his second but third Ironman Triathlon!

Coconut greens is for the whole family and can be used all year round. Just add it to your kids favourite fruit smoothie, or with your protein powder, sprinkle it on yoghurt or porridge, even make a green latte, not to mention supercharging to your smoothie bowls.

We developed a free 26 page recipe e-book for inspiration available from our website

We met Merri three years ago at a tastings and knew her passion for helping others achieve their goals aligned with ours and have worked closely together ever since to support so many people on their health and wellness journey, her knowledge and expertise in the fitness and nutrition space is second to none.

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