6 month body progress, in more detail

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Recently I did a post on my social media about my 6 month body progress. In this newsletter I thought I would explore this topic in more detail plus also give you two of my yummy recipes that I created this week in my kitchen! So grab your cuppa sit back and enjoy your read!



I love how I can share with you my body progress!

Photo's tell a 1000 stories and it definitely shows that if you put in the hard work then results will happen.  What I tell my clients is that they have to 'trust the process' and basically do what I have suggested and then the magic will happen.  The results will come if they just trust my process and put 100% effort into everything that I given to them. 

Changing your body composition is a hard, long journey and definitely isn't a quick fix.  You need to know this before embarking on this journey because I know some people want a quick fix.  Unfortunately I am here to tell you that there isn't a quick fix way and it just comes down to how bad you want CHANGE. 

If you want to make a change you will work hard to make it happen. 


These photo's are 6 months apart. In the first photo I was eating 1900 calories (roughly) and not really tracking what I was eating (more intuitive eat I would say).  My weight was 55.5kgs and my training consisted of 1-2 days weight training (some weeks only 1 day) and 3 days of HIIT cardio (with weights). I was a bit obsessed about doing this for some reason and to be honest got a bit addicted to doing more cardio than I really needed. 


Then in October I had a 'light bulb moment' and thought to myself' that if I really wanted to make a change in my body composition and to get to my goal of one day competing on stage in a bikini competition something serious had to change. 

So I employed a coach (yes even I need a coach, even though I know exactly what I needed to do I needed someone to be accountable too!)  

So my calories were slowly increased up to be eventually 2200. My training was changed to include 5-6 days a week of resistance/strength training, cardio was completely cut out and I was just given a step target of 10-12,000 steps a day. In my second photo when I check in my weight was basically the same but the physical changes were so visible. I was actually blown away!

Just changing a few things mentioned above can make A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!.

So what are my lessons to be learnt from these 2 photos?

1. You don’t need to do ANY cardio to get your results.

2. Lifting weights shapes, tones and sculpts your body. Nothing else will.

3. Training consistently with progressive overload works.

4. Eating more; fuels your body which assists in getting your results. It can definitely help in losing that body fat as well!

5. Sitting in a calorie deficit for long periods of time gets you nowhere and can result in metabolic adaptation. You don’t want that!

6. It takes time and patience to get your results. There is no quick fix.

7. The scales mean jack shit. Take no notice of them. Taking progress photos are 1000 times better!.

Want to know why you aren’t getting your results? Contact me today and I will sort out your personal calories, give you awesome training/meal plans and coach you through what you need to do to make a change and start hitting those goals! 

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