Apple & Sultana Protein Breaky Muffin

Serves 1

Calories 272

P - 31g, C - 26g, F - 4g


­60g apple

10g coconut flour

30g creamed cottage cheese

80g egg whites

30mls vanilla almond milk

3g baking powder

10g @macromike cheesecake protein powder

Cinnamon & stevia

8g sultanas

Caramel topping

100g yogurt


1. Dice 60g of an apple and place it into a microwave safe bowl and place into the microwave for approx 40 secs or until soft.

2. In a large mug or ceramic bowl place 10g coconut flour, 30g creamed cottage cheese, 80g egg whites, 30mls vanilla almond milk, 3g baking powder, 10g @macromike cheesecake protein powder, cinnamon & stevia and whisk/blend to combine together.

3. Stir in 50g of the diced soft apples and 8g of sultanas.

4. Place the muffin into the microwave on 30 secs increments until it has been cooked but not over cooked just slightly soft.

5. Once cooked, cut a little slice of the muffin from the bottom of the muffin and crumble it over the top of the muffin with the remaining apples.

6. Drizzle the caramel topping over the top of the muff and serve with 100g yoghurt.

7. Enjoy!

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