Biscoff protein French mug cake

Serves 1

Calories 350


70g Pure Bred brioche bread (Woolworths)

120g @pure egg whites

10g @macromike cheesecake protein powder

3g baking powder

30mls vanilla almond milk



30g blueberries

5g Biscoff lotus biscuit spread

10mls sugar free maple syrup

5g @macromike PB


1. Dice the bread up into small bite size pieces and place into a medium size bowl.

2. In a small bowl, beat/whisk the egg whites, protein powder, baking powder, almond milk, cinnamon & stevia.

3. Pour the egg white mixture over the bread until it is completely covered.

4. Place the cake into the microwave and place on 30 secs increments until the cake is set. Keep checking as you want it to be soft cooked.

5. In a small bowl mix the biscoff, maple syrup & peanut butter until it forms a runny sauce.

6. Once the cake is cooked, place the blueberries over the top followed by the biscoff sauce dolloped over the top.

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