Healthy Caramel Custard

Serves 5

Roughly 200 calories C - 24g, P - 4g, F - 10g

Ingredients: 40g custard powder (I used White Wings brand) 500mls unsweetened vanilla almond milk Caramel stevia (as much as you like) 100g strawberries

10g light whipped cream 12g sugar-free drinking chocolate

Method: 1️. In a saucepan combine the custard powder, milk and stevia until smooth. 2️. Place the saucepan on the stove over a low-medium heat and continue stirring until it starts to boil (don’t stop stirring) 3️. Once boiling lower heat and keep stirring until it becomes a nice thick consistency. 4️. Turn off heat and set aside. 5️. I placed 2 serving of the custard into my bowl. 6️. Next, mix the drinking chocolate with some water in a separate bowl until it forms a smooth paste and stir through the caramel custard. 7️. Place the strawberries and the cream into the serving bowl and serve!

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