Carrot and Sultana Breakfast Muffin

Serves 1

Calories 405

P - 34g, C - 45g, F - 8g


80g carrot (grated)

60g egg whites (@pureggandlifeplus )

45g rolled oats

80mls vanilla almond milk (unsweetened)

15g protein powder (@macr0mike salted vanilla)

2.5g baking powder

7g sultanas

Top with:

20g light cream cheese

50g plain greek yoghurt


10g salted caramel peanut butter (@macr0mike )


1. In a big mug mix 3/4 of the carrot, egg whites, rolled oats, milk, protein powder, baking powder and sultanas until combined.

2. Place into the microwave on 60 sec increments until cooked.

3. Place a plate over the top of the mug and then turn it upside and shake until the muffin comes away from the mug.

4. Cut the muffin in half.

5. In a small bowl mix the cream cheese, yoghurt and the stevia until combined.

6. Spread half of the mixture on one half of the muffin.

7. Place the top of the cake onto the other half and spread the remaining cream cheese mixture over the top.

8. Drizzle the prepared macro mike peanut butter over the top and sprinkle with the remaining grated carrot.

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