Chicken Burrito Bowl with Crunchy Potatoes

Serves 1

Calories 335

P - 31g, C - 30g, F - 9g


160g Spudlight low carb potatoes 

130g Mexican chicken breast strips (Woolworths)

40g red capsicum (sliced)

40g green capsicum (sliced)

25g red onion (sliced)

60g lettuce (shredded)

30g avocado mixed with 30g light tzatziki dip

30g salsa 

Fresh lime 


1. Dice the potatoes up into small cubes and place into the air fryer for 12 mins or until brown at 200 degrees.

2. Heat a non stick fry pan up over a medium heat and place the chicken breast strips, red/green capsicum and red onion into the pan.

3. Saute until chicken is cooked and vegetables are soft.

4. In a small bowl mix the avocado and dip together (I sprinkles some garlic salt in too!)

5. To serve, place the lettuce into the bottom of a bowl and top with the cooked chicken mix, potatoes, avocado and salsa.

6. Serve with a wedge of lime.  

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