Chocolate & Cacao Oat Cake with StrawberriesChocolate & Cacao Oat Cake with Strawberries

Calories 348

Serves 1


45g @tableofplenty Protein + Porridge Chocolate & Coconut (or just use plain oats and add in cacao/coconut)

60mls vanilla unsweetened almond milk

80g @pureggandlifeplus egg whites

2.5g baking powder


50g greek yoghurt

100g strawberries

8g Biscoff Biscuit


1️. In a small bowl, place the porridge, almond milk, egg whites, baking powder and stevia and whisk until combined.

2️. Place into the microwave on 30 sec increments until cooked through.

3️. Place a spatula under the cake and lift it out of the bowl.

4️. Place onto a plate and decorate with the greek yoghurt, strawberries and Biscoff Biscuit.

5️. Serve and enjoy!

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