Creamy Chicken & Ham Pasta Salad

Serves 1

Cals 393

P-33g, C-39g, F-11g


200g four seasons coleslaw

50g shredded roast chicken breast

20g Australian baby spinach

80g penne fibre pasta, Vetta Smart Pasta

50g iceberg lettuce

25g cherry tomato

30g triple smoked ham

50g plain Chobani Greek plain yogurt

10g wholegrain mustard

1ml extra virgin olive oil – garlic-infused

20g avocado’s

9gm Greek-style reduced fat fetta


1. Prepare the pasta as per the instructions on the back of the packet. Set aside once cooked.

2. Place the coleslaw, baby spinach, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pasta, ham (shredded) & roast chicken (skin removed/shredded).

3. To make the creamy dressing, in a bowl place the avocado, olive oil, wholegrain mustard, plain Greek yoghurt, crumbled feta, salt, and pepper (add some water if you want it runnier).

4. Drizzle the dressing over the top. Toss to combine, garnish with salt and pepper. Serve and enjoy!

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