Deconstructed Mexican Nachos

Serves 1

Calories 346

P - 26g, C - 27g, F - 15g


100g extra lean mince meat

3g taco seasoning 

50g lettuce (shredded)

20g spinach

20g carrot (grated)

30g green capsicum

30g red capsicum

25g brown rice chips - sea salt (I used Sunrice brand)

20g light sour cream

30g mild salsa

Fresh Lime


1. Pre-heat a non stick fry pan and place the mince meat into the pan with the taco seasoning. 

Sauté  the meat until cooked and remove.

3. Chop the lettuce, grate the carrot and dice the capsicums. 

4. In a bowl, place the lettuce, spinach, carrot and capsicums. 

5. Top with the mince meat and brown rice chips. 

6. Dollop the salsa and sour cream over the top. 

7. Serve with a wedge of lime. 

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