Dieting Shouldn't Be Hard.. It Should be EASY....

Dieting shouldn’t be hard! EVER!!!

Some people think that dieting is hard. It depends on how hard you want to make it. It’s a heck of a lot easier if you have the following goals in place..

Have a plan of attack in place.Know what it is and why you want to achieve these goals.Know how you are going to achieve it.

Don’t just wake up one day and decide that you are going to put yourself on a diet to lose body fat. You are definitely going to set yourself up to fail.

It is better if you take some time to research on how you are going to do this correctly. What it is that you are going to differently this time around? Don’t go back to old habits and do what you have been doing in this past. Ask yourself.. What are you going to do differently than before to make sure that you


I can tell you from experience that the three things that I did differently from all the other diets that I did in the past and failed at was this...

I taught myself how to track all my food in the My Fitness Pal APP - GAME CHANGER No. 1 I made sure I was always in a calorie deficit. This way I was guaranteed to lose body fat. No guessing at this anymore. Guessing does not work - GAME CHANGER No. 2 I chose to do flexible dieting. This was the BIG factor for me in succeeding. I was eating foods that I hadn’t eaten in years and loving it. Bread, pasta, cakes, ice cream etc etc.... because flexible dieting allows you to eat everything as long as it fits into your allocated macros and calories. This was a massive win for me. GAME CHANGER No. 3

For the first time ever losing body fat wasn’t a chore it was an enjoyment. My relationship with food was better than ever as I wasn’t scared of eating anything. But I must say it did take some time to get my head around “I can eat ice cream etc” again.

But once you can see and feel that eating all types of foods don't pile on the body fat and eating a flexible diet can actually get the results you want. Then.........Losing body fat isn’t a chore anymore. It isn’t hard anymore.. It turns into an enjoyable experience.

I love this method of losing body fat and all my clients follow it because it is the one method that everyone can stick to long term. You definitely aren’t setting yourself up to fail you are setting yourself up to win and achieve your goals whilst eating the foods you love.

Until next time..

Stay healthy and happy..



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