Express Ham and Veggie Quiche

Calories 335

Serves 1

P - 27g, C - 14g, F - 20g


2 eggs

50mls almond milk

20g light cream cheese

3g light butter


20g Buttercup Country Split Wholemeal Bread

25g tomato

15g mushroom

30g ham

15g light mozzarella cheese (Coles)


1. In a small bowl, beat the eggs, almond milk, cream cheese, butter & salt/pepper/herbs until combined.

2. Dice the bread, tomato, mushroom, and ham into small bite-size pieces and place into a small ramekin or a mug with the spinach.

3. Tip the egg mixture over the ingredients and mix until all combined. Make sure the ingredients are completely covered in the mixture.

4. Top with the cheese and place it into the microwave in 90-sec increments until the eggs are set.

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