Full Buffet Breakfast

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

340 Calories

C 27g, F 10g, P 33g 


1 Coles Better For You Lean Chicken Chipotle 

1 egg

100g egg whites 

30g tomato, diced

30g spinach 

1 wholemeal crumpet

1 light laughing cow cheese square

15g mustard pickles


1. Heat a non stick fry pan up over a medium heat. 

2️. In a jug, beat the egg with egg whites, tomatoes, spinach & salt/pepper altogether. 

3️. Tip the egg mixture into the fry pan and using a wooden spoon scramble the eggs until cooked. 

4️. Once scrambled, move the eggs aside and fry the chipotle on both sides until cooked through. 

5️. To serve, toast the crumpet and spread the laughing cow cheese over the crumpet.

6️. To serve, place the scrambled eggs on top of the crumpet with the chipotle and relish on the side!

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