Greetings from Merri's Nutrition & Fitness!

Hope this newsletter finds you happy and healthy!

We have been super busy over the last 2 weeks at Merri’s Nutrition & Fitness working hard on The Maxine’s Challenge weeks 9-12 meal plans and welcoming our new personalised clients to Merri’s Nutrition & Fitness; 8 week FitBody Program.

If you are wanting a more personalised approach to your nutrition and fitness then why not become a client at Merri’s Nutrition & Fitness?

When you become a client here at Merri’s Nutrition & Fitness you are given a comprehensive questionnaire to complete to advise us of where you are at with your health & fitness journey.  Once we receive this back you then receive your very own calories, macros, meal and training plans. All tailored to suit your goals and fit into your lifestyle.

The program at Merri’s Health & Fitness isn’t set and is adapted and changed with every client that starts depending on what their personal goals are.

So whether your goals are to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, reverse diet or even maintain your current weight we can help you all here at Merri’s Nutrition & Fitness.

The program runs for 8 weeks but after 8 weeks if you still want to stay with us we welcome you to stay at a discounted rate!

During your 8 week FitBody journey you get unlock educational information each week via Merri’s website and be taught all things to do with health and fitness.

A limited amount of spots are opening up next week so if you would like to become a client a Merri’s Nutrition & Fitness please register your interest by sending us a direct email to and also checkout our website for more information on any of the programs by clicking here.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me today.

You will thank yourself later that you did!


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