Healthy ice cream SUNDAE

Serves 1

Calories 152 P - 8g, C - 19g, F - 4g

Ingredients: 1 tub @twistedhealthytreats salted caramel & vanilla Lite ice cream 120g lite jelly (choose your flavour) 30g blueberries 5g pina colada meringue kisses (Coles Xmas Release) 20mls salty caramel no sugar topping 4g ice cream wafers 30g light smooth ricotta 5g @taylor_made_treats_official Choc Haze Super Mix.

Method: 1. In a bowl, place the ice cream, jelly, blueberries & meringues. 2. Drizzle the topping over the top. 3. In a small bowl mix the ricotta and choc haze super mix together. Spread this over the ice cream wafers. 4. Place the wafers into the bowl.. 5. Serve.

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