Healthy Mixed Berry French Toast

Serves 1

302 calories

C – 36g, P - 25g, F - 5g


5g stevia

5g Macro Mike PB+ salted caramel powdered peanut butter

Wholemeal bread (2 slices)

100g egg whites

100g frozen berries

10ml sugar-free maple flavoured syrup

YoPro lemon pouch (60g)

0.5 tsp cinnamon

2ml extra virgin olive oil


1. Dip bread in 100mls egg whites mixed with cinnamon and stevia.

2. Spray a fry pan with light olive oil over medium heat. Dip bread into the egg white mixture and place it into the fry pan.

3. Cook on one side flip and cook on the other.

4. Mix @macr0mike powdered peanut butter with water & dice 100g mixed berries. Turn off the heat on the fry pan.

5. Place French toast onto a serving plate with berries. Drizzle PB and the maple syrup over the top.

6. Serve with 100g lemon @yoproau yoghurt

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